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KSR Jujitsu History

Kyu Shin Ryu in its totality means "The art of governing body, mind, and spirit." It is the desire of the Kyu Shin Ryu practitioner to grow and develop in all three of these areas and have them function as one. 

Kyu Shin Ryu Aikijujitsu was developed by a core group of Martial Artists of varying backgrounds. This ryu is not affiliated with Federations or other organizations of Kyu Shin Ryu.

The initial 4 contributing founders of this Aikijujitsu System are (Rokudan) Jaime Garza, (Godan) Chris Garcia (Hachidan) Zedenek Matl and (Hachidan) Pat Evers.

Garcia Sensei and Garza Sensei were students of Master Pat Evers and started their studies in Shorin Ryu Karate-Do at early ages. Master Evers was the contributor of the Shorin Ryu Karate and the Gung Fu that is incorporated in the art today. He was a student of Daniel K. Pai whom is a forefront practitioner and Master of Pai Lum Gung fu (now deceased). Master Evers Karate-Do Instructor was Gene Thorner. His style is Shorin-Ryu Okinawan Karate Do (Kobayashi-Ryu Style). Flowing Circles, created by Master Evers was a precursor art from which much of the kara-te techniques in Kyu Shin Ryu are derived from and most are still practiced today. Master Pat Evers and Garza Sensei presented the Flowing Circles system to the Juko-Kai Kokusei Remmei on February 24, 1986 for its legitimacy and acceptance as a legitimate Martial system of Judo/Jujitsu. The Juko Kai Federation was highly impressed with what had been developed.

Matl Sensei was an avid Kyu Shin Ryu Judo practitioner and teacher in the Republic of Czechoslovakia, where he coached world class competitors. He was also Judo Champion, instructor and coach of Judo at various Universities in Europe prior to his emigration to the United States. Matl Sensei currently practices and teaches at the Round Rock School of Martial Arts in Round Rock Texas. He is also a published author on Judo and Jujitsu technique. Matl Sensei ensured that the Judo in the art is preserved and taught in correct Kodokan technique and spirit.

Garcia Sensei contributed much to the Aiki and Jujitsu part of the art, as well as self-defense and grappling concepts. Garcia Sensei is a Lieutenant in the Victoria, Texas Sherrif's Office. He, as part of his duties instructs at the Police Academy on arrest, control and restraint tactics as well as other related concepts. Garcia Sensei also contributed to the addition of Philippino martial techniques (Pekiti Tirsia) for hand, stick and knife fighting as a result of his personal training.

Garza Sensei contributed to the Karate Do and a very strong Judo element of the art as well as contributing to the self-defense concepts.

The above stated Martial Artists have created a very strong foundation for an art that continues to evolve and improve in both technique and efficiency.

Torres Sensei studies and has studied various Martial arts and techniques, (some with weapons) and has incorporated the knowledge of his teachers as well as his own into a comprehensive martial system that will teach you how to fight on your feet, on your knees and on the ground. Weapons (historical and contemporary) are also a part of the curriculum. The Student Handbook and website was developed by him for student guidance and support through the continuum of training.